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The facilities and amenities of 55 Kalayaan Suites is comparable to most popular condominium units within the metropolitan area. The studio units are large enough to house a bachelor or a young couple. When furnished fully, the place will look comfy and cozy enough for its owners to enjoy luxury living at its best. The same goes true for the 2-bedroom units, which is perfect for small families. The two bedrooms are adjacent to each other, thus giving the area a relatively spacious feel.

The main feature of 55 Kalayaan Suites is its 24/7 security system with CCTV. This assures all residents that their homes and properties are secured at all times. Knowing that there is somebody that looks after your home when you are not around is very important these days.

Another good feature of 55 Kalayaan Suites is the parking area. With the ample parking area within the building, there are higher chances that you will get yourself a spot where you can safely keep your vehicle. It is quite clear that this condominium unit has nothing but your full security as its best interest.

And for those times that you need to celebrate an event or a special occasion with your family and friends, there is a function rom available for you. Book it for all of your special moments. Keeping your close friends and family members together is possible if you live in a condominium unit, especially if it’s 55 Kalayaan Suites.

One of the best features of this high-rise residential unit is the garden deck. The deck is where you can go every so often if you want a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the greens, the trees and the bees while there. Just because you live in a condominium unit you can’t be close to nature anymore. This feature is definitely something that not many condominium units in the area offer.

The other notable building feature of 55 Kalayaan Suites is its own sewage treatment plant. This environmentally-friendly system is designed to conserve water. Furthermore, this in-house sewage plant is specifically built to produce safe wastewater for health and sanitary reasons.

55 Kalayaan Suite’s lighting protection system is also a good feature as it protects the residents from power surges caused by lightning strikes. Its presence prevents appliance damage as well, including accidental fire. Talking about fire, 55 Kalayaan Suites also has adequate fire detection systems installed, which will activate in case smoke is detected in any part of the building. It will sound the alarm and signal the automatic sprinklers to work so that fire is quelled at its onset. This is yet another feature that keeps your investment safe.

All of these make investing at 55 Kalayaan Suites worth your time and money. A property with amenities and features like this should definitely be considered if you’re looking to buy a reasonably priced condominium unit in Quezon City.

  • 24/7 Security with CCTV
  • Parking Area
  • Function Room
  • Commercial Area
  • Garden Deck
  • Power Supply
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Fire Detection
  • Water Supply
  • Lightning Protection System
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